Project Description

The Project
Today’s world is full of stress and strain and there is precious little that people do to alleviate it. Stress, strain and tensions are the major cause of serious illnesses. Knowing this, Infenion Tech decided to use its iOS app building skills to build an app that would help to reduce stress and strain through a voice guided application.

The Challenge
The project was designed to be an app that could be downloaded to any iPhone. The skills needed were knowledge of developing apps for the iOS supported devices.

Our team created a beautiful app that mixed guided relaxation with soothing music and serene images to create an atmosphere that helps in relaxing and distressing. The whole stress relief program lasts 38 minutes. It contains a song list that includes Introduction – which allows to prepare for the session; Settling Down – a track that helps to calm down and become aware of the mind and body; Deep Breathing – which helps you to focus on your breathing to relax; and Muscle relaxation that helps you to go deep within yourself to distress and relax your mind body and soul.

The Solution
Our team at Infenion Tech was able to create a very beautiful and soothing app that truly helps to relax and distress. The app is called Mind.Body Medicine and it is available on iTunes store for download.