Chauffeurity App

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The Project
Infenion Tech has vast experience in conceiving, designing and building mobile apps to enhance our client’s business. One interesting project that we worked on was developing a mobile app for Chauffeurity. This is a unique mobile based service that offers people to hire chauffeurs quickly and easily. The app is basically targeted towards […]

Android Toll Global Logistics Tally Application (Distribute internally)


The Project
Infenion Tech was retained to provide a unique solution for Toll Global Logistics for their logistic systems. Their requirement was to digitize the process of verifying an item that was picked up from the store for shipping. Previously, the system involved using hardcopy forms and the clients wanted to do away with the […]


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The Project
Another feather in our cap was our OpenNet Residential Fibre Broadband Mobile Guide. This was a mobile app guide to the All Fibre, Ultra-High-speed Residential Broadband Network for Singapore.

Infenion Tech was chosen to develop the web as well as the mobile applications so that the guide was easily available to the users. […]



The Project
We were engaged by Bright Optimum Sdn Bhd to develop an iTutor that could work on Android OS to provide help to students in Malaysia.

The Challenge
We had to develop a mobile app that allowed the students to take practice exams to prepare for their upcoming papers. These exams were based on past […]