No modern business can overlook the potential of mobile phones and the business opportunities they provide. The future has been referred to as “years of smartphones” or “years of smartphones, tablets and phablets”. Google Android OS powered devices and Apple iOS devices comprise a majority of the smartphones and tablets market.

Infenion Tech offers various alternatives for application development on the highly popular Apple iDevices and Google Android platforms ranging from mobile marketing application to advanced transaction based applications. We provide a complete and integrated process covering development, testing, debugging, and promotion of all your smartphones applications.

Mobile Platforms


Apple’s iPhone OS was originally developed for use on its iPhone devices. Now, the mobile operating system is referred to as iOS and is supported on a number of Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch.
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The Android platform is Google Inc.’s open and free software stack that includes an operating system, middleware and also key applications for use on mobile devices, including smartphones. Android is an Open Handset Alliance Project.
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Mobile Services

  • Mobile Brand and Marketing Apps
  • Social Media Marketing Apps
  • Multimedia and Audio/Video Streaming apps
  • GPS and Location Based Services Apps
  • Multimedia Product & Brand Catalogues
  • Web View and RSS reader
  • Native Apps for News sites & Blogs
  • Web services
  • Address book Integration
  • Accelerometer Based Interaction Apps
  • Advertisement through AdMob
  • In App purchase
  • Apple Push Notification
  • Fun Apps & Games
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • Advertisement
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