Smart management of servers can save you money, improve the efficiency of your business, and free up your IT specialists to concentrate on core tasks.

We’ve designed three Managed Server Solutions to give you the high availability, infrastructure outsourcing and management hosting services that match the ambitions of your business:

  • Application / Website Hosting
  • E-Commerce Application Hosting
  • High Availability Business Application Hosting

Managed hosting services


  • Improve flexibility: deploy resources more quickly, shorten project timelines and respond to changing needs faster
  • Control costs: lower capital investment and operational expenditure
  • Make better use of resources: rely on our wide-ranging skills and expertise to manage your web-hosting service; refocus your in-house teams on more strategic activities
  • Get peace of mind: be confident about the availability, security and performance of your critical websites and applications

PortalSecure: Mission-Critical Security

PortalSecure secures, monitors and regulates web servers and network activity against potential security attacks and failures. PortalSecure is a full range of security solutions that combines firewall management, virtual private network integration, intrusion detection systems and security policy auditing. PortalSecure comprises:

  • Portal real-time Security Defence Surveillance Services
  • Intrusion Detection Services
  • Anti-Web Portal Defacement
  • Virus Scanning
  • 256-bit SSL Certificates

PortalBalance: Load Balancing and Content Management

PortalBalance optimizes server performance against high network traffic and server loads by ensuring high availability and failover protection. It also helps in detecting failures and redistributing access requests over multiple network points.

PortalBalance comprises:

  • Managed Foundry Load-Balancing Services
  • F5 Big IP Managed Hosting
  • SSL Management: Intel Net Structure managed services
  • GeoAware DNS Solution for Traffic Distribution
  • System Admin, Monitoring and Reporting
  • System Backup and Remote site store
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scan with Advisory & Countermeasure

PortalMonitor: Advanced Monitoring Service

PortalMonitor programme measures specific server port and URL responses at regular intervals. This ensures that both Infenion Tech and the customer are constantly aware of server status.

PortalAdmin: Advanced Support Service

System administration consultants have multi-platform expertise in assisting clients in troubleshooting, administrating and maintaining their server systems. Supported platforms include Solaris, Linux, BSDI, FreeBSD and Windows.

PortalReport: Enterprise Reporting service

PortalReport services deliver powerful and comprehensive cross-platform web reporting solution on the market, including web-based report management, multiple user support, continuous log analysis, support for multi-homed servers and customizable look and feel.

PortalBackup: Backup and Disaster Recovery

PortalBackup customizes on and off-Portal backup procedures for disaster recovery purposes. PortalBackup comprises:

  • Backup Services (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rotations)
  • Off-Portal Storage
  • Remote DR Site Solutions


Infenion Tech offers a range of streaming media solutions for customers who wish to provide on-demand or live streaming media on the Internet. Infenion Tech’s partnerships with Microsoft, gives us the technical expertise to provide streaming media on shared hosting or dedicated hosting environment.

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