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Infenion Tech provides you the Business Solutions to improve and expand your business by leveraging on smartphones and web-based application. Our mission is to help you meet your business objectives by providing you with the latest IT solutions for your enterprise.

Infenion Tech Pte Ltd is experienced in designing and developing software applications businesses across a variety of industries. We specialize in both web solutions and mobile solutions, especially Apple iOS and Google Android platforms as well as for desktop and mobile browsers.

We provide total business solutions included managed hosting services that meet your business requirement! Our success key point is premium quality custom software development at an affordable price and on-time delivery. Contact us for a quotation!

Business Web Solutions included web designs, web-based application, brand building, direct marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on both desktop and mobile browsers. Learn More
Mobile Solutions included iOS, Android, BlackBerry applications that put your enterprise on the customers’ finger tips, expand your business into mobile.Learn More
Smart management of servers can save you money, improve business efficiency and free up your IT specialists to concentrate on core tasks.Learn More
Business process outsourcing, database consolidation, server consolidation or visualization are all strategies which will make a difference to the way your business operates.Learn More
A Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system is a vital component of any secure organisation. Not only does it ensure that internal threats are identified, it also highlights those on the outside allowing an organisation to protect its data, its clients and its reputation.Learn More
Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) Management goes beyond the capabilities of a firewall, using real-time inline protection to deliver a proactive network security service that forms a key part of our multi-layer security approach.Learn More
A good ICT infrastructure and strategy will not just support a business – it will add value. However, to reach a point where it drives the business rather than constrains it, you must be able to understand how it works – and be given clear options on how to proceed.Learn More
When managing a project, our clear aim is to make the best use of time, give high quality of service and ensure you achieve a long term return on your investment.Learn More