Project Description

The Project
Aogo Technologies is a Singapore based company that specializes in interactive kiosk design and installation all across Singapore and South East Asia. The company was using MSExcel and hardcopy forms for their inventory and invoicing system and did not have a dedicated accounting software. Most of their accounting and other systems were in physical form and hard to track. They required an integrated ERP solution to manage all their processes and streamline their operations.

The Challenge
Since the company had no previous accounting system, we implemented the entire ERPricorn System with additional modules. The requirements for the company included Accounting, CRM, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, Inventory and Warehousing, HR and Payroll, Project Management, Internal Messaging and certain Singapore localised features and reports required for taxation and other Government regulations. Besides, the company also required consultancy services and needed Data Migration services to input data from hardcopy into the ERPricorn system. We studied the working of the client and determined that they required an additional module for Document Management and Knowledge Repository.

Successful Completion
The new module was designed so users could upload and share documents within the organization. All the documents were to be organized into hierarchical directories. The documents were to be retained even after an employee had left service.
The customized solution was tested extensively for any bugs and problems. When we were completely satisfied that the software was ready for the client, we did a test run with the employees of the Aogo Technologies to familiarize them with the program and the UI. The software worked as expected and we had a very satisfied client.