Project Description

The Project
Infenion Tech is known for its IT solution skills and working on the ERPricorn project was hard work as well as a challenge to our IT experts. The project was to build an ERP software for ERPricorn, a Singapore based integrated information technology solutions provider. We were to build an ERP system and also a website to promote it.

The Challenge
ERP systems are all encompassing systems that integrate all aspects of an enterprise from design, manufacture, production, purchase, requisition, accounting, warehousing and logistics to name just a few processes. This was a huge challenge and a project that had our reputation as IT experts at stake. This meant designing separate IT systems for each process and then integrating them together so that they worked together as one system. The software had to be versatile enough for each process solution to work as a stand-alone or as an integrated process. Besides, there was the challenge of making the software highly customizable so individual clients could customize it to their particular needs. The project also included creating a website for the software solution.

Successful Completion
As always, our competent team of Software and IT experts created a software that was extremely user friendly, pleasing to look at, customizable and saleable. The end result of the entire exercise was a highly functional ERP solution that can be implemented to any industry with ease. The website was built to highlight the core features to the software. It is an easy to navigate and easy to read website.

Visit ERPricorn website at