Project Description

The Project
When Chauffeurity was a startup and beginning its operations it required a mobile app to implement its business modal. It had approached Infenion Tech to develop the mobile app for its business. Infenion Tech had successfully developed and launched the app for both iOS and Android. Now that the business was growing, Chauffeurity wanted an integrated ERP system to manage their business and operations. They again approached their trusted technical partners Infenion Tech to provide a solution to their problem.

The Challenge
Infenion Tech already has an ERP solution the ERPricorn. It is a intuitive and customizable ERP system that can be implemented and integrated with most existing software. Infenion offered the ERPricorn to Chauffeurity with a few custom designed tweaks to suit the needs of the business. As a startup, Chauffeurity required best business practices to be implemented. The focus had to be on accounting and human resource. The required skill included HTML/CSS/IS, designing an attractive and user friendly UI, elements of web designing and development as well as web services.

The Solution
Since ERPricorn is a very versatile and customizable software, it was easy for our technical team to tailor it to suit and meet Chauffeurity’s exacting demands. We successfully implemented the best business practices for Chauffeurity with a special focus on the accounting and Human Resource modules. We have delivered a flexible and intuitive cloud base ERP software as per the client’s specification. The project was successfully implemented to the client’s satisfaction.