Project Description

The Project – PolyPet Mobile Responsive
PolyPet is an existing client of Infenion Tech. We had designed and developed an ecommerce website for the client in the past. But this predated the popularity of smartphones and tablets. The client is a leading provider of high quality pet supplies and accessories in Singapore. Since its inception in 2004, the company has believed in reaching out to its clients in unique ways. This is what had prompted them to invest in an e-commerce site many years before the online business boomed. Keeping up with the times is a policy with the company. Hence, with the growing popularity of the smart devices, the company wanted to optimize its website for the mobile devices mobile responsive. It approached us again to complete the project for them.

The Challenge
The new website had to be more contemporary and also mobile friendly. We had to redesign and reconfigure the website to create a mobile friendly version that could easily be viewed on any smartphone or tablet. The mobile site was a lighter version of the website. The skill required included web design and development, mobile solution, e-commerce and hosting.

Successful Completion
Our team revamped the entire website updating it and making the interface more crisp and contemporary in appearance. We created a mobile website and integrated the two to work in sync. This development gave our clients a broader reach than ever before. Now their clients could order the pet supplies from any device easily. The sites were completed and uploaded to the host successfully.

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