Project Description

The Project
NEC is a name well known in the Tech world. The Japanese Company concentrates is business around three segments:
• IT Solutions
• Network Solutions
• Electronic Devices

The IT Solutions segment of the corporation deals with providing computing solutions to business enterprises, governments and individual businesses and clients. It provides hardware, software and other related IT services to its clients. NEC required an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for one of its clients. It approached Infenion Tech for its ERPricorn system as well as engineering support for NEC.

The Challenge
This was one the most prestigious client and project for Infenion Tech and we were honored that our software caught the attention of a tech giant like NEC. NEC sub contracted the project to Infenion for implementation of ERP to manage and track sales process, identify and focus on the most promising deals and opportunities, automate the purchase and invoice system, tweak the accounting system to improve cash flow and receivables as well as easy reconciliation of the information, and inventory and warehousing system. It also included data migration service and training.

The Solution
Infenion Tech and its team of engineers were able to deliver the customized version of ERPricorn to NEC for implementation on its client’s systems. NEC was satisfied with the services provided by Infenion Tech and we have an understanding that NEC will collaborate with us when it requires an ERP solution.