Project Description

The Project
Revelations Productions is a Singapore based media production house which specializes in Business and Media Consultancy, photography, aerial photography, videos, films, etc. Incorporated in 2015, the company already has a sizeable client base spread across 20 countries and offices in Vietnam and Malaysia. Being a startup, the company did not have an integrated ERP system. When they decided to streamline their daily operations they approached Infenion Tech for a possible solution.

The Challenge
The client’s business is based upon projects. Each project has its own general project management workflow or framework. This required that the client be able to setup the workflow and management of each type of project separately. The projects could be related to photography, videography or any of the other types of jobs the client was handling. The client required that each project could be assigned and monitored through the various stages until completion. Infenion Tech already has a fully integrated cloud based ERP system that is extremely flexible and intuitive. They offered the ERPricorn system to the client.

The Solution
Since the client required special features and customization to the project management module, so that the workflow was duly recorded and the project properly monitored as desired by the client. Once the client was satisfied with working of the system, ERPricorn was implemented on the client’s system and the employees were familiarized with the UI and features of the system. The project concluded with a happy client.