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Automation and integration are the keystones to any modern day enterprise. Looking at the need for Enterprise Resource Planning and integration of all the various processes into one easily managed solution, Infenion Tech Developed ERPricron.

It is a flexible and scalable ERP system that can integrate well with your existing software to give you the power of having all the processes and information systems interlinked throughout your organisation. The entire database of the organisation is shared and supports the various processes required by the many different units that comprise any enterprise. This means that anyone anywhere, within the organisation, can pull up the required information with minimum wastage of time and effort. It also streamlines the processes by automating and synchronizing them, so most regular tasks such as report generation, inventory and warehousing are coordinated and done automatically.

ERPricorn Modules

  • Accounting: Manage accounts efficiently through real time reports, inventory updates and remote viewing and data analysis.
  • CRM: Manage your clients and customers better. Create leads, enhance conversions, improve closures provide information, follow up and create a great after sales experience.
  • Sales: Manage your sales department better by providing accurate feedbacks, reports, accounting and inventory information so your sales department is always ahead of its competitors.
  • Purchasing: Integrated systems help to restructure inventory and purchasing so there is minimal wastage of time and resources.
  • Inventory and Warehousing: Get a clear picture of your inventory by integrating warehousing and inventory. It has many benefits including procurement, setting minimum stock levels, automatic inventory control and reporting
  • HR and Payroll: Automated HR solutions help you keep track of every employee past and present from recruitment to leaves. Creating payrolls is easier in a linked system.
  • POS: Efficient POS with automatic inventory and accounts that generate invoices as well as shipping labels and present an easy and pleasant buying experience.
  • Manufacturing: Manage your manufacturing processes to cut costs and create a more efficient system across the processes.
  • Project Management: Create an efficient project management system that allows you to have a comprehensive view of each project and its team.
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