Project Description

The Project
We were engaged by Bright Optimum Sdn Bhd to develop an iTutor that could work on Android OS to provide help to students in Malaysia.

The Challenge
We had to develop a mobile app that allowed the students to take practice exams to prepare for their upcoming papers. These exams were based on past examination papers that the students could answer online and then be graded to check their learning progress. The skill set required was knowledge of Android, Web Design and Development.

The app was designed to be used on Android based smartphones and tablets.

The Solution
We designed an attractive and age appropriate interface that was attractive to the children. The users could choose between the various exams they could take. The tests were based on multiple choice questions and the children had to pick the right answer. At the end of each paper the student will be presented with a report that mentioned the time taken to answer the paper as well as the scores. This helped the students to streamline their learning and exam taking abilities. The app was launched in the 2nd quarter of 2011.