Project Description

The Project
Another feather in our cap was our OpenNet Residential Fibre Broadband Mobile Guide. This was a mobile app guide to the All Fibre, Ultra-High-speed Residential Broadband Network for Singapore.

Infenion Tech was chosen to develop the web as well as the mobile applications so that the guide was easily available to the users. This was a very prestigious project as OpenNet builds, owns and operates fibre network for Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network.

The Challenge
The core skills require for the project were knowledge of the OS – Android as well as iOS, web and mobile design and skills in developing apps for iPad and iPhone. Infenion Tech was a natural choice as we are known for our mobile solutions across Singapore and the neighbouring areas. The project included providing information about the network, allowing the users to check coverage, look at the media gallery, catch upon news and also look for the solution for most common problems through the FAQ section.

The Solution
With its expertise in mobile applications for Android and iOS, this was an easy project for Infenion Tech. Our team developed the app to the specifications of the client, which was discussed at the onset of the project. The app was then tested and bug proofed. Once it was working flawlessly, it was launched to bring Singapore fibre optic Next Generation Broadband Network to everyone.

You can visit OpenNet website at

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