Project Description

The Project
JTC Corporation is a leading industrial infrastructure provider in Singapore. The Corporation specializes in planning, promotion and development of Industrial real estate in Singapore. The Corporation wished to join the mobile revolution by providing their clients an easy to use mobile app that could display all the data regarding the industrial estate projects that JTC is handling at any given time. Infenion Tech was given the responsibility for creating the cutting edge app for the real estate giant of Singapore.

The Challenge
The desired app had to provide a lot of information that included the prices and locations of JTC’s developments, real time updates on the latest launches of industrial sites and properties as well as the prevailing rental and purchase prices for the listed properties. The challenges were building a customized web platform that manages the mobile app contents and had its contents synchronized to JTC web portal.

The skills required for the job included ASP.Net, Design, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Developing and designing UI, Web Development and Web services. Since Infenion Tech is known for its web development and mobile application expertise, JTC engaged us to complete the project for them.

The Solution
After serious deliberations and discussions with the client to understand their requirements, Infenion team decided to build a mobile app that would function on Android as well as iPhone. We designed a beautiful User interface that was clean, pleasing to the eye and very easy to navigate. The App included several sections that could easily be reached such as information about JTC and the past or present projects of the company. It also displayed information about new launches as well as prices in rentals, purchase and leasing. All information was provided within the app so that the user could navigate between the various sections without having to go back to the home page. The app was successfully conceived, tested and then launched to the full satisfaction of the client.