Project Description

The Project
Infenion Tech has vast experience in conceiving, designing and building mobile apps to enhance our client’s business. One interesting project that we worked on was developing a mobile app for Chauffeurity. This is a unique mobile based service that offers people to hire chauffeurs quickly and easily. The app is basically targeted towards people who do not wish to drive back home after a few drinks in the evening. Drunk driving is dangerous and Singapore has strict laws against people driving under the influence of alcohol or other such substances.

This business was conceived to help people who were drunk to hire a chauffeur quickly and easily to drive them back home in their own car. We were asked to design the mobile app that would enable the business to function as conceived.

The Challenge
The mobile had to be user friendly, allow fast and easy connection for real time information about available drivers and needy customers. The app had to be designed for use by End Users, who were the customers looking for chauffeurs and the service providers, who were the chauffeurs looking for commissions. There were a lot of little details that went into making a comprehensive mobile app that gave real time updates to both end users as well as the service providers. We also had to provide real time updates to the back end team in order to facilitate the pick-up of the designated chauffeur after the completion of the job, thus reducing the transportation time as well as costs for available chauffeurs and increasing the response time for new job. This would give our clients a competitive edge over their rivals.

The entire app required several processes to be integrated together to create a seamless interface that was extremely user friendly. Moreover, the app had to be available to customers on all kinds of smartphones and devices, especially the two major players – iOS and Android.

Successful Completion
The mobile app had to be created for use by the customers as well as the service providers. We created a sign up process that allowed a person to register themselves either as a customer or as a chauffeur. Once the account was created, the person had to sign up and login to the account. This included providing unique user name for every user. Once the person had created an account, there was a process of approval. Once the user was approved by the app, they could begin to use the service. The app also had to have a billing process that would automatically raise an invoice and a bill for the customer.

We successfully created the app to the full satisfaction of the client. Visit Chauffeurity website at