Project Description

The Project
Infenion Tech specializes in creating, implementing and managing Business Process Management System. Our project for the prestigious Republic Polytechnic, Singapore was to design and implement Vendor Management System and Corporate Pass Booking Systems for their Office of Information Services (Intranet). Republic Polytechnic is a premier higher education organization in Singapore known for its innovative teaching methodology.

The Challenge
The project was a typical one as it had very set guidelines within which we had to work. The objectives were to build an enterprise Business Process System with Vendor Management System and Corporate Pass Booking System. The system had to deliver the following objectives – increase business efficiency; single platform to manage multiple business processes, better response time for business changes and process challenges. It had to encompass all of this and more.

Successful Completion
Our team of IT experts brainstormed the problem and designed the system using K2 BlackPearl. The system was created and implemented and then carefully monitored to weed out any bugs and problems. It successfully allowed the user to create, enter and approve vendors, administer them and create a report containing comprehensive information about the vendor. The system is designed for convenience, flexibility and quick response time as the client desired. Moreover, it is future ready so can adapt and change according to the future expansion and demands of the business.