Project Description

The Project
Singapore Airlines (SIA) required a way to connect with the Millennials in order to enhance their recruitment process. They approached Infenion Tech and our partner in the project – ManDate International Pte. Ltd. for a way to communicate directly with the target audience – young ambitious, adventurous, educated people interested in a rewarding career as cabin crew with the leading airline of the region. We assessed that the Airline needed a smart phone based solution as most of the target audience used smartphones extensively and it would be extremely easy to connect with them through a smartphone app.

The Challenge
The project required knowledge of iOS app development. Since we already had experience in developing smartphone apps, this was not a very difficult task. We had to design a simple yet attractive UI based upon the theme of the SIA. The UI had to appeal to the targeted audience. The company wanted to provide all recruitment based information within the app. This included date, time and venue of the recruitment drives, linking of the recruitment venue addresses to the Google Maps for one click information about the location and route plan to reach the location. It also had to include search based on appointments by country of origin or date of recruitment. Additionally, it needed to list all the papers, affidavits, etc. that the candidates had to bring along with them in order to be eligible for the interview.

Successful Completion
Our technical team brainstormed and deliberated for a few days and came up with a very attractive app that provided all the information to prospective employees. The SIA app was developed so that it worked on the major smartphone OS – the iOS. The app provided all the information that a candidate would need to apply and appear for an SIA interview across the region. The app was successfully tested and made available for downloads. Its creation simplified the process of Cabin Crew Recruitment process for SIA. The app was no longer required and was decommissioned by the client.