Project Description

The Project
Infenion Tech launched Caca Collections in 2010. It is an online shop dedicated to the fashion industry. The object was to bring in producers and manufacturers of fashion industry related products, apparels and accessories from across the region under one roof so they could easily sell their products online in Singapore.

The Challenge
The challenge was to design a comprehensive website that would allow each manufacturer/factory owner to create their store, upload inventory, and create a payment option. Creating an e-shopping portal is not an easy task, but we went ahead with it to test our own mettle and also prove to everyone concerned that we were the best when it came to skills such as web design, development and service.

Our team went to work on the concept and designing of the website and once we had agreed to the look and the design of the site, we created the site and tested it to remove flaws before launching it online.

The Solution
Caca Collections now provides an opportunity to the manufacturers and producers of trendy apparel and fashion accessories to sell their goods online.